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Cam Newton Breaks NFL Record; 5 Greatest Running Quarterbacks in NFL History

Cam Newton continues to make a strong case for capturing the NFL’s Rookie of the Year Award. On Sunday, Nov. 4, Newton continued his amazing exploits by rushing for three touchdowns during a 38-19 blowout against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

His three-touchdown performance added to his total of rushing touchdowns, which now stands at 13. It also broke the record for most touchdowns by an NFL quarterback. The record was previously held by Steve Grogan who rushed for 12 touchdowns in 1976. He also became the NFL’s current leading rusher of touchdowns this season.

Newton’s Carolina Panthers will not make the playoffs this year, but he is becoming one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and could be an MVP candidate next season if he finds a way to lead his team to more victories.

Newton’s strong arm and ability to run puts him in an elite class of quarterbacks who could control the game through the air or by rushing. Here are the greatest running quarterbacks in NFL history. –amir shaw

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