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Bishop Eddie Long Can Make a Comeback; 7 Celebrities Who Rebounded From Scandal or Shame

As Bishop Eddie Long busies himself with picking up the shards of his shattered image, marriage and religious empire, the prospects of him ever returning to international prominence seem as likely as Herman Cain becoming a marriage counselor.

Yet, in the following cases, you will agree that every one of these major national personalities and celebrities experienced a career rebound that was, at one point, completely unfathomable.

But — and that is a big “but” — before a career resurgence can commence, many observers and pundits believe that Long has to offer up some sort of mea culpa for the sex scandal that rocked one of the nation’s largest religious institutions. Many also believe he needs to come completely clean on his sexual orientation, especially in light of the damning charges of homosexual improprieties after he conducted a very public march denouncing gays and same-sex unions. An act of admission and contrition goes a long way toward career restoration because, as the following examples show, Americans are a very forgiving and forgetful nation. But you must at least say that you are sorry on some level and it must be viewed as sincere.

Here are the other men and women who emerged from their career caskets after the public nearly nailed it shut on them:


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