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GT Mayne Discusses the Future of the Deejay

GT Mayne

Location: Houston

Most Recent single: “Hold Of Me” with Z-RO and Dallas Blocker

How long have you been a DJ? I’ve been rocking turntables, CDs, serato and crowds for 18 years now.

Describe your deejaying style.

I like to rock a plethora of music when I deejay; hip-hop [old and new], R&B [old and new], reggae [old and new], and some classic rock is an ideal party for me.

How is deejaying profitable from a business standpoint?

From a business standpoint, what job can you work for two to four hours at best and make what a lot of people make in a week’s time? Deejaying, of course.

How did mixtapes change hip-hop?

Mixtapes changed the scope of hip-hop because it allowed unknown artists to garner their own fan base without the help of commercial radio or commercial video outlets.

Top three mixtapes of all time?

“The Grey tape”

“So Far Gone”

“Big Names & Big Faces”

Five songs that will get the party started?

Maze “Before I Let Go”

Fat Man Scoop “Be Faithful”

Junior Mafia “Get Money”

Cheryl Lynn “Too Be Real”

50 Cent “In Da Club”

Five songs that will help partygoers meet their significant other?

R. Kelly “Bump & Grind” (remix)

Marvin Gaye “Let’s Get It On”

Jodeci “Freaking”

H-Town “Knocking Boots”

Adina Howard “T-Shirts & Panties”

What is the future of the DJ?

The future of deejaying may be diluted since everyone thinks they can do it now. Apparently, deejaying is the new thing to do for actors, athletes and celebrities. Unfortunately, if this keeps up, deejaying might become a commercial fad similar to what happened to break-dancing in the early ’90s.