Cheating Spouse: 10 Spy Tools

Cheating Spouse: 10 Spy Tools

Warning: If you suspect your mate is a cheater, but you’re willing to turn the other cheek because for all intents and purposes, everything else is going well for your union, read no further.

Spying on a mate may uncover things that your heart and mind are just not ready to know about right now. Knowledge is power, and drunk with power, you’ll gather evidence, and confront the cheater with damning evidence of monitored calls and video footage.

Still, what if you’re wrong? What if the secret meetings between your spouse and friend were to plan a surprise party for you? What if your mate discovers that you’re spying and sends you on a wild goose chase just to teach you a lesson?

When it comes to spying, curiosity can kill the courtship, so proceed with caution.

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