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Rob Kardashian to Follow Khloe and Lamar to Dallas: 7 Other Famous Bromances

When news broke earlier this week that soon-to-be former L.A. Laker Lamar Odom was being traded to the Dallas Mavericks, many assumed — and rightly so — that his wife, reality TV starlet Khloe Kardashian would follow him in his move to Texas. But apparently, Khloe and Lamar won’t be traveling alone. Lamar’s favorite (and only) Kardashian brother-in-law, Rob, is reportedly moving to Dallas as well to be with his favorite big bro and big sister.

During a recent interview with Celebuzz, Rob revealed that he will be moving to the Lone Star state “for a few months” to help Khloe and Lamar get acclimated to life in Dallas.

“I’m definitely going to move there, especially in the initial run to help Khloe pack and be with her. Khloe is going to be alone for the majority of the time because half the time Lamar will be on the road. We’re going to be filming and I’ll be keeping her company,” Rob said.

“Dallas should be a fun city. I definitely want to catch some games and support my brother-in-law. I’ll be in and out, but for the most part, I’m down to be there for a few months. There is no reason for me to be in LA. I can do anything from anywhere. I’m ready to start experiencing the lifestyle and seeing what it’s all about,” said Rob.

Though Rob’s move may surprise some, to fans of the multiple Kardashain reality shows, the news is less of a shock. On E!’s “Khloe and Lamar,” fans can regularly see Rob and Lamar’s bromance (a plutonic, yet affectionate and emotionally driven friendship between two men)  unfold on camera as they joke and play with each other and even deal with Rob’s jealousy over Lamar’s friendship with his longtime best friend, Jamie. All we can say about Rob’s decision to move with Khloe and Lamar is “awwwww.” Luckily for our easily-warmed hearts, Rob and Lamar aren’t the only Hollywood bromance we have to fawn over. Check out our list seven other famous bromances. –nicholas robinson

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