Scientists Weaponize Bird Flu to Make It an Airborn Contagion Rings of Genocide Act

By definition, genocide is the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political or cultural group. The term was coined in 1944 by Polish lawyer Raphael Lemkin, who combined the Greek genos (race) with the Latin cide (to kill) and denotes crimes committed “with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group.” Forced sterilization or other measures designed to prevent births, the removal of children from a group, or conditions of life inflicted on a group to bring about its demise could also be considered genocidal acts. The definition also stipulates that genocidal crimes are committed against specific kinds of groups with the deliberate purpose of eradicating them. This is a real fear among people of color worldwide given the history of large nations to destroy others since the times of Columbus and slavery. Now there is a new fear that such a future could happen as a result of new research conducted in europe.

A Dutch laboratory have developed a deadly strain of bird flu and wants to publish its research, in major scientific journals.Scientists at the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam say they have been able to mutate the H5N1 virus so that it can be transmitted through the air. Prior to these recent findings, it was thought it could be transmitted between humans only via close physical contact. Led by virologist Ron Fouchier, The Netherlands team, carried out the research to find out how easy it is to genetically mutate the virus into a highly-infectious airborne human flu.

The concern is that if one can create something this morbid and deadly and it goes into a global pandemic the mortality and cost to the world could be massive. A second independent team of scientific researchers at the universities of Wisconsin and Tokyo, led by Yoshihiro Kawaoka, carried out similar work and found similar results showing how easy it would be to create.

Critics, and rightly so, fear that scientists have endangered the world by creating a highly dangerous form of flu which could escape from the laboratory, since the H5N1 strain of avian influenza has killed hundreds of millions of birds since it first appeared in 1996, but has so far infected only about 600 it has killed about 60 per cent of those it has infected,. It’s deadliness moderated only by its inability (so far) to spread easily through airborne water droplets until now.

The National Institutes of Health, which funded the work, is about to make a decision on how much of the scientific paper on the H5N1 super strain should be published, and how much held back.

The timing of this is rather strange, given the Presidnet signing the national detention authorization act last week making it possible to be arrested and imprisoned without being charged or without trial, FEMA contracting with KBR (formally) Haliburton to be able to activate all the FEMA camps by the end of February 2012.

This is rather irresponsible and for the US government too fund this research is questionable as well.

It is only inevitable that some of these weaponized microbs will eventually get released either on purpose or by accident and people will haveno protection against them. This would be a great weapon for those that would like to dramatically reduce the population of the world. The question is was this the purpose and is a worldwide genocide of the poor in a world with shrinking food and water be the target?

-torrance stephens, phd.

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