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Guerlain Beauty Expert Alpha Wilburn Reveals the No. 1 Beauty Mistake Black Women Make

Alpha Wilburn is as poised and pretty as this Hebru Brantley artwork, just as she should be.

Wilburn is the business manager for Guerlain Cosmetics, one of the oldest, most exclusive cosmetics company in the world.

Pierre-Francois Guerlain founded the House of Guerlain in 1828, and produced hundreds of  fragrances for the royal houses of Europe. Clients included the Prince of Wales, Napoleon III’s wife, Empress Eugenie of France, and Tsar Ferdinand of Bulgaria. Shalimar perfume, created in 1925, remains one of Guerlain’s most popular fragrances.

Here, Alpha Wilburn shares a few industry secrets about work-life balance and beauty.

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