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Thank You Sam Logan for Your Life, Your Legacy and Your Love for Detroit

Sam Logan Jr., the visionary publisher of The Michigan Chronicle, who was committed to the advancement of the black community through journalism, died last Wednesday, Dec. 2.  He was 78.

Mr. Logan’s death was reported across several traditional media outlets, however, the personal stories posted on social networking websites like Facebook serve as a platform for Detroiters to celebrate his life and mourn his death. There are several pages with posting that included comments such as:
“One of my personal heroes forever”
“Respected pioneer in black journalism”
“He made me believe”
“Job well done”

Without a doubt, Sam Logan was a great example of how people should live their lives, and his works were a textbook case on influence, encouragement, and leadership. If you knew him, you may have heard him tell his engaging story of his journey with the Michigan Chronicle. Taking a puff from his cigar, this trailblazer would share how he worked nearly every position from salesperson to publisher …  and janitor when needed.  His bold aspirations made Detroit better as he used the newspaper to address tough issues on politics, forge relationships between communities and provide a voice for black people in this urban city.

And if mastering every position at the Michigan Chronicle wasn’t enough, Logan went on to create a new publication, Michigan Front Page, now a sister paper to the Chronicle.  This accomplishment, along with being a part of the Michigan’s history that encompassed advocacy and passion around Idlewild, Detroit Public Schools issues, “Pancakes and Politics” forums, churches, and other local businesses is what made Sam Logan Jr. a Detroit Icon.

There will never be another Sam Logan; however, his legacy will continue to live on and influence and motivate others. Detroiters can look to Hirman Jackson (CEO, Real Times Media and interim publisher of The Michigan Chronicle), Andre Jackson (CEO Detroit Recovery Project), Munson Steed (Founder of Steed Media Group and Publisher of Rolling Out), and many other great African American brothers and sisters to keep Sam’s torch lit.

On behalf of the rolling out family, we thank Sam Logan Jr. for the contributions to journalism and dedication to the Motor City’s community. -marcia paige