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Music » Jay-Z Makes Hip-Hop History

Jay-Z Makes Hip-Hop History

In a complete reversal of the jaw-dropping Watch the Throne concert, this time, Jay-Z promises an intimate engagement as he headlines a concert at Carnegie Hall to benefit the Shawn Carter Foundation and United Way.

He will be the first hip-hop artist to ever headline Carnegie Hall.

The common goal is to raise graduation rates and make college education a reality for underprivileged kids in New York.

“I just want to thank United Way and thank Carnegie hall for providing such a legendary venue and for teaming up with our Foundation so we can continue with this great work,” Jay-Z said during a recent press conference.

“The larger goal is to bring awareness to the United Way and to the Shawn Carter Foundation, which we’re trying to expand this year,” he added. “For years we’ve been doing this quietly and under the radar. My mom actually getting on the bus with these kids every year and riding out with these kids as they visit colleges to their orientations and teaching them how to present themselves.”

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