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The Black Star Invasion on White TV Shows in 2012

Megan Good and the Rza on “Californication”

RZA and Meagan Good appear in this season’s Showtime hit, “Californication” as Samurai Apocalypse and Kali.  Kali is an up-and-coming singer Kali, who “sparks a flame” in Duchovny’s character Moody. Kali is also the protege of the hip-hop mogul Samurai Apocalypse who hires Hank to write a screenplay for his upcoming film.

Hank Moody (“X-Files” star, David Duchovny), having barely escaped jail time at the end of Season 4, is enjoying his freedom in New York City, away from the madness of L.A. But a bad breakup and a call from his old pal Charlie about a job send him back to the Left Coast.

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