Name: That’s Broadway

Location: Chicago

Forthcoming Album: Sex Exes & Sidechicks The Electrolife by The Dance Floor Junkies aka The ElectroGang

New York native That’s Broadway has been handpicked as the requested DJ of Mary J. Blige.

That’s Broadway has been a DJ for more than two decades. “Deejaying is something I see spiritually so I feed on the energy of the crowd and the music,” That’s Broadway tells rolling out. “Depending on the mood of the crowd, my job is to direct and lead the crowd into musical ecstasy.”

How do you make deejaying profitable?

Deejaying in the modern day is profitable by way of keen marketing savvy. It isn’t so much based on the quality of the DJ but it is based on who is most visible via blogs, websites and other Internet-based social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook.

In the past, … the DJ considered the best, got the higher paying gigs and the shot for the top spot.

Finally, what I’d like to point out is that the value of a DJ has gone down, since there are so many would-be DJs in line to get their five minutes of fame.

What is the future of the DJ?

I’m not sure where the future of the DJ is going. Most of these newer DJs do not have a love for music and view deejaying as pure business and look at it to turn a profit at the end of the night. I think the study of the art will bring the quality of the DJ back, where it will mean something when you say you are a DJ. [Click below to view photo gallery.]

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out