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Spike Lee Curses Out Chris Rock in Tirade at Sundance

Spike Lee premiered his latest movie Red Hook Summer on Jan. 22 at the annual Sundance film festival, and took to the stage afterward to host a little Q-and-A from the stage.

After shouting “Is Brooklyn in the house,” and, “New York Giants! Going to the Super Bowl!” Lee took a question from VIP audience member, Chris Rock that seemed to set him off.

Rock seemed to imply that the low-budget Red Hook Summer might have suffered creatively from lack of studio financing, saying, “You spent your own money… What would you have done differently if you’d actually gotten… studio money? What else would have happened? Would you have blown up some [expletive]?”

Lee’s heated response was directed at Rock, whom he pointed at from the stage.Lee told him, “We never went to the studios with this film. I bought a camera and said we’re gonna do this mother[expletive] film ourselves. I didn’t need a mother[expletive] studio telling me something about Red Hook! They know nothing about black people! Nothing!” He added, “And they’re gonna give me notes about what a 13-year-old black boy and girl do in Red Hook? [Expletive] no!”

Despite rumors that Red Hook Summer is a sequel to Lee’s Do the Right Thing, the film is actually a coming-of-age story that follows a boy whose mother sends him from Atlanta to Red Hook, Brooklyn, to spend the summer with the strict  Bible-thumping grandfather he’s never met.

Lee told the crowd, “You are the very first audience that has seen this film. Do me a favor. If you go out and talk about it, please tell them this is not a mother[expletive] sequel to Do the Right Thing.”

Reports described Lee as appearing “furious” on stage and “screaming at the top of his lungs.” He eventually told the stunned audience, “Sorry for that mother[expletive] tirade” and “my wife is looking at me like I’m crazy.”

Nothing like a little Chris Rock-induced temper tantrum to drive some pre-release film publicity. Not that it’s really needed. Critics and fans have been looking forward to an old-school Spike Lee-flavored joint since he wrapped Miracle at St. Anna in 2008. –kathleen cross


  1. Monica on January 24, 2012 at 10:36 am

    chris rock don’t need to talk bout nobody’s film. i got two words for chris rock. “Good Hair”.

  2. Elaine on January 24, 2012 at 12:06 pm

    Wow! Spike needs to clean his mouth:( How aweful to say or use Mother @#%#@ in front of your wife and you have kids too; I have no respect for him he’s gotton out of hands over the years, jealous of Tyler Perry & other actors coming behind him instead of supporting them, I mean you had your chance back in the days and it was all good; I wish your film all the best; Please stop using bad fowl words…I mean Chris Rock is who he is and he didn’t back down from Spike Lee.

  3. Pr_pro1973 on January 24, 2012 at 12:54 pm

    Kathleen, I enjoyed that. I’ve met Spike and I know it set him off something fierce having Chris challenge him in this way. I wonder if he’s on Twitter talking more trash. Can you imagine what he said when he wasn’t in front of the audience? LOL Raw!

  4. Arnold Jenson on August 28, 2012 at 12:56 pm

    Arnie be all thinkin’ that Spike Lee be sometimes too literate for his own mouth. Spike be sayin that he’s all pro-Black’n stuff. Arnie be tellin yous all…Spike be fer Spike. He be all thinkin he be tha greatest Black man alive. We knows the truths. Spike be selling me fer a fiver and handin’ to Whitie to make a fast freddie. Spike…turn back from yo disloyalty. No ways ta treat a fella brotha!