Tynicka Battle Offers Tips on Establishing Strategic Digital Partnerships

Tynicka Battle, CEO and co-founder of ThinkTank Digital

With an overcrowded digital landscape replete with brands vying for each and every click on the keyboard, it is essential to establish a formidable Web presence. Tynicka Battle, CEO and co-founder of ThinkTank Digital is often the go-to professional for those aiming to reach that goal. For the past 6 years, the company she co-founded with Amina Elshahawi has helped brands such as Nokia, Bombay and talent such as Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey embed their digital footprint. Rolling out talked with Battle about marketing in the digital space.

The challenge for many brands is identifying their target market. How do you help brands discover their market?

Corporate brands typically have significant amounts of data profiling their target audience and where they suspect their targets live online. Our job is to fine-tune the plan, identifying influencer outlets, journalists, talent and relevant social networking platforms to utilize. We also take pride in shedding light on additional market segments that should be addressed.

Is it more beneficial for a brand to secure placement on a recognized high-traffic site or go to a much smaller platform but with more engaged followers?

Great question. A video premiere on say, Pitchfork, is greater than a premiere on a portal’s Music Channel. The client may love the traffic the portal offers, but the win is always in the influencer co-sign. I believe in this strategy for both emerging and established brands.

One of your services includes strategic partnerships, which can help align brands with platforms offering greater exposure. What tips do you have for brands on identifying and securing such partners?

A lot of clients wish to go straight for the high-profile brands when the real success is first identifying a partner with a robust strategic partnership team and philosophy, real influence with your base and a strong social media presence. It is also best to allow three to four months from conception to execution, depending on the size of the partner you seek. A lot of legal back-and-forth occurs between the initial thumbs up and the fruition of the partnership. A tip for securing a partner is to remain persistent. If your brand is a good match and your pitch is succinct, you will most likely get a call or email back. Closing the deal is where the real work lies.

For more information, please visit www.thinktankmktg.com.


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