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Rihanna Honors 2Pac With a New Tattoo

Since Tupac Shakur passed away in 1996, many artists have paid their respects to the iconic emcee through lyrics, videos and even tattoos. But the most recent artist to pay homage to 2Pac wasn’t one of his hip-hop disciples, but pop’s wildest vixen, Rihanna. The Bajan bad girl recently decided to show her love for ‘Pac by getting his iconic “Thug Life” tattoo inked on her own body.

On Jan. 25, Rihanna took to Twitter to announce her new 2Pac- inspired tattoo.

“All these b—ches screaming that 2Pac back #thuglife,” Rihanna tweeted, with an accompanying photo of the words “Thug Life” tatted on her knuckles.

Shortly after, Rihanna continued to shock her fans and tweeted a photo of her tattoo artist inking her back and quoted her former flame, Drake, tweeting, “Tat my f—kin name on u girl so I know its real!!!”


Is the back tattoo 2Pac inspired as well? Is it an homage to Drake? Who knows? But our guess is that Rihanna will provide us with some answers soon enough when she inevitably reveals the new tattoo. Until then, check out some other artists who have paid respects to their favorite folks and loved ones with a tat. –nicholas robinson

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