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Allen Iverson’s Wages Garnished Over Outstanding Jewelry Bill

Allen Iverson earned $150 million during his illustrious career in the NBA. But at 36, Iverson is divorced, out of the NBA and currently facing financial difficulties.

According to reports, Iverson failed to pay Aydin & Company Jewelers the $375,000 he owed for jewelry. Iverson ignored the bill and a judge ordered him to pay the company $859,896.46, which included court costs, interest and attorney fees. After Iverson failed to make payment on his debt, a judge recently signed an order that will allow the company to take the money directly out of Iverson’s Wells Fargo bank account.

Unfortunately, Iverson’s fall from grace has become a familiar theme for black athletes who have financial problems after retirement. Poor money management, bad handlers and a failure to plan has doomed Iverson and other pro athletes who blew millions. Iverson once made a great impression on the NBA with his superior play, style and influence on hip-hop culture. He’s now sadly become a forgotten hero due to a multitude of mistakes. –amir shaw

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