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Culture » Brazilian Babes Getting Fat; Need Larger Swimsuits

Brazilian Babes Getting Fat; Need Larger Swimsuits

Lured by the steamy videos and tales of conquest, many American men have made it to Brazil only to find that nearly half of Brazilians are now overweight (46.6 per cent), up from 42.7 percent in 2006, according to the Ministry of Health.

That’s right fellas: Those bronzed Brazilian beach goddesses that have captured the hearts of frugal fantasy-seekers everywhere, are beginning to get a little chunky around the middle, according to recent reports.

Tight abs and toned bottoms have been replaced by muffin tops and flabby derrieres, and now several bathing suit companies have rolled out plus-size swimsuits to accommodate the extra padding.

“I’m actually not even that big compared to a lot of women out there, so if I have problems, what are [heavier women] doing?” says designer Clarice Rebelatto, a size 10. Rebelatto launched Lehona a plus-size swimsuit line.

Although it’s a line for fuller figures, Rebelatto’s son, Luiz, says that the swimwear is 100 percent Brazilian bombshell with designs that include the dental-floss thin string bikinis.  “Bigger women are just like everyone else,” he explained. “They don’t want to look like old ladies.”

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