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Kanye West Planning Mini-Movie in the Middle East?

Kanye West had the world buzzing when he premiered his 30-minute mini-movie “Runaway,” starring supermodel Selita Ebanks, in 2010. And now, the cutting-edge rapper apparently wants to create another mini-movie — this time in the Middle East.

According to the New York Observer, Yeezy has sent some of his representatives to the Persian Gulf to meet with film companies and government officials in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Doha Qatar to hash out plans for a mini-movie similar to “Runaway,” with filming set to begin in March. And apparently, West won’t have to look hard for help as several municipal officials and film companies are already embroiled in a heated bidding war for a contract to work on ‘Ye’s film.

“In Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Doha all of the film initiatives are government controlled,” said a source involved in the talks. “A bidding war is going on between various government entities and private investors to fund the film. There’s pretty intense rivalry here between Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Qatar. They all want to claim the film as their own and take credit for generating the publicity.”

Though plot details are still scarce (“out of respect to Kanye’s ambition”), West allegedly decided to film in the Middle East after falling in love with the region during a concert performance in Abu Dhabi last year. West is intent on depicting the culture of the Middle East in an “authentic” light and will have his creative team moved to the region for a few weeks to soak in the culture. West and his team also plan to use local talent and production crews and possibly even some local royalty for the film.

“His reps seemed genuinely enthusiastic about creating a piece which highlights the culture accurately,” our source explained. “There’s a lot of preconceived notions and stereotypes about Emiratis and Qataris, which Westerners often play up. They discussed how Kanye is looking to bridge the cultural divide and break misconceptions.” West also reportedly plans to cast some local royalty, as “many of the Sheikhs like to be flashy and appreciate celebrity notoriety.”

It’s unclear if this new film project will be a product of West’s new creative company, Donda, or when the mini-movie will premiere, but we’re sure it will be as fascinating and headline worthy as his other projects. Below, are some of Kanye West’s greatest videos, so far. –nicholas robinson


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