Mitt Romney Doesn’t Care About Poor (Black) People

Poor people are nothing more than perishable items to Mitt Romney. In the world of high-stakes politics and international finance, very poor people are the equivalent of junk bonds — good for creating and expanding your wealth. You can toss them around in a game of political football, and even wield them like a baseball bat to smack against the sensibilities and prejudices of “middle America” (and we know what that tem is a euphemism for).

But in the end they are basically worthless. Everything about Romney is disingenuous. He says he hates the European social,  political and health care system. But he loves to use European banks to hide the money he made off of the very poor and those who recently became poor as a result of the Great Recession. Romney has greatly expanded his wealth off American misery.

Oh, you didn’t know? He set up shrewd investment deals by which the more foreclosures that took place in America, the more money he made. Millions of the currently poor, who were once middle class before the real estate crash, are now persona non grata to a man like Romney. They no longer exist. They’re not even statistics to him. In a rolling out report written by Dr. Torrance Stephens, Romney’s May 2011 personal financial disclosures “show that he and his wife, Ann, were able to make large sums of money on the backs of struggling homeowners across the nation by investing millions into a Goldman Sachs fund that invested in mortgage-backed obligations, which were owned by financial institutions and banks who foreclosed on thousands across the nation, especially in Florida.”

Romney didn’t want that easy gravy train to stop. This is why, when he was asked about the national foreclosure crisis, he said “don’t try and stop the foreclosure process. Let it run its course and hit the bottom.” Well, no kidding. He exemplifies the opposite of what John F. Kennedy said during his inaugural address. He finds out not what he can do for his country, but what his country can do for him to enhance his financial empire. That’s why he loves America so much. Funny how that works: the very ones who always profess their love of America do most of the plundering and pillaging of its wealth or amass great fortunes off others’ misfortune.

Let’s be clear: How Romney made his money is not illegal. It’s not even immoral. It just shows irrefutably what kind of person he is. He didn’t want to stop the foreclosure process because he had more money to make. And, if he becomes president, he will doubtlessly set it up to where he can harvest even more riches off socioeconomic car crashes. He told CNN’s Soledad O’Brien that he’s not worried about the rich either. That’s because his policies will ensure that they not only stay rich at the expense of “middle America” and the poor, but enhance it as well. Oh, sure, Romney would ask them to create a job or two to keep the watchdogs and Occupy Wall Street hounds from sniffing out their putrid practices, but then they’d keep the rest so that they can continue buying up small countries.

Romney may not be worried about very poor people, but he and his many offshore bank accounts are sure glad poor people exist.

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