Trey Songz Talks Musical Growth, Charity

Trey Songz Talks Musical Growth, Charity

Over the last seven years, R&B singer Trey Songz has worked his way to the top of the charts. After nearly a decade of trials and successes, Songz has come out a different man than he was when he first entered the music industry years ago. In his four-page feature for the spring fashion issue of VMAN, Songz opens up about his personal and musical growth and why giving back to the less fortunate is so important to him now.

In the feature, Songz explains that his upcoming album, Chapter 7, will display his personal growth from a youngster to a man with more well-rounded thoughts about sex, love and success.

“I’ve grown from a young man to a man, I think a lot of people have been able to see that progression [in the music], as far as my fans are concerned, as far as consumers are concerned, and just the general public. So, I’ve gone from ‘Gotta Make It’ to ‘Top Of The World.’ I’ve gone from ‘I Invented Sex’ to ‘Sex Ain’t Better Than Love,’ ” he explained. “I think the new album will reflect very much where I’m going as a person and what I’ve been through. Music, for me, is very much an expression of how I felt at the time when that song was made. … We’ll see how much I’ve grown and how much I’ve changed since that album dropped.”

Aside from his album, Songz also spoke about his Angels With Heart Foundation, which works with his fans as well as other celebrities to “engage in activities which address community needs” in cities across the country.

“Angels with heart is something that’s really dear to my heart. It’s basically for homes and communities like the one I came from, with a lot of single moms and a lot of children who’d have an amazing future ahead of them if only they had that, and only that, to focus on,” said Songz. “I remember coming up in Virginia, and a lot of kids would get in trouble after school and get into situations they didn’t need to be in because they’d be home alone and they didn’t have places to go. I came from a situation where I got clothes from the Salvation Army and I was on welfare, so to be able to contribute to people who are in need, like how I needed and how my mother needed back then, it’s something that I’m truly blessed to be able to do.”

Songz’s efforts to burn up the charts and to help communities in need across the country are commendable. Hopefully, he will continue to show his growth as man as well as thrill us with his music. Below, you can check out some other stars with honorable charities and foundations. –nicholas robinson

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