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Tom Joyner Cruise 2012: Best Swimsuits

The second day of the Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage is spent out at sea, surrounded by nothing but miles of water. As the party cruise liner makes its way around Cuba and into Jamaica, the ladies take the time  show off and show out with the creative swimwear on the deck of this vast vacation vessel.

The men, of course, are very appreciative of the women’s attentiveness and care to such important matters. Bless their hearts.

Many of the scantily-clad sunbathers take up residence in the whirlpools while many roast under an unforgiving Caribbean sun that feels like its leaning on your left shoulder. Still many more actually “drop it like it’s hot” and participate in the many dance games and pool competitions that pop off during the day.

Below are some of the best bathing suits the ship has to offer with more scintillating outfits to come. Remember: we still have the water gun fight on the beaches of CocoCay, Bahamas, coming up. And I will be there to provide exclusive, up-close coverage … reluctantly, of course.

— terry shropshire

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