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One-on-One With Actress Karan Kendrick From the Blockbuster Film ‘Hunger Games’

On Tuesday March 28, the team at rolling out headed over to the Market restaurant inside of the W Hotel in Buckhead to interview rising star, Karan Kendrick. The name may not sound familiar yet, but she had a small role in Madea Goes to Jail and is now in the blockbuster film, Hunger Games! Kendrick is from Fort Valley,Ga and attended Spelman College. Over coffee Kendrick chatted with our publisher Munson Steed about her role as Atal a(the head trainer )in Hunger Games,working with Lenny Kravitz, her mod fashion style and her favorite places to travel with. She loved theatre as a young child and did many stage plays which is how she fell in love with acting. She says she didn’t get a chance to be in any scenes with Lenny Kravitz, but she did get to chat with the actor off set.  Karan says he is just a true hero.

Karan loves fashion and believes image is everything. Even though she grew up  a tomboy wearing Chuck Taylors, now she loves go-go boots and moern styles. The burgeoning actress likes to travel and her favorite place to be is home first, China and Chili. Jesus Christ is at the center of her life and she believes in what God says he will do, he is always faithful.When asked to give advice to up and coming actors she said, train,study,and be prepared. Check out some fun snapshots from the interview.

Pics by Tami Reed



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