Paris Jackson

Last year, Paris, the daughter of Michael Jackson, began making her media debut, appearing on spots like “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” and being spotted hobnobbing with Chris Brown. The aspiring actress will make her film debut in the upcoming movie Lundun’s Bridge and the Three Keys.


Nicholas Robinson

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  • Eervin44

    Good News To Hear:)  Thanks Tyler For giving Bobbi Kristina A Chance:) Not only that being Good Mentor for Bobbi Kristina & I Know her Grandmother is happy also, I’m not going to leave her Father out, Bobby is grateful too;  We Are All Human & We Are Not Perfect & We Do Make Mistakes, That’s Life;  Tyer Perry May God Continue To Bless You & Keep You:)

  • Karen Denise Adams Anderson

    God bless you Tyler for stepping to the plate….Many will offer help but not have the protective heart she needs at this vulnerable time in her life!!! It must be stressful seeking help and not knowing whether your parent’s death was caused by some of the folk you are expected to trust!!! God be with you…..You are a wonderful brother!!!!