Surburban Atlanta Cop Fired for Having Sex at Work

Surburban Atlanta Cop Fired for Having Sex at Work

If you’re a cop, it’s bad to have sex on the job. It’s worse to pay a prostitute for that sex on the job, given the sheer number of folks who are attracted to men in uniforms. The craziest scenario, however, is when the prostitute turns on you — and you lose that job! Clayton County Police Officer Darrell Williams was fired quietly on March 23. Clayton County is south of the city of Atlanta.

One week later, it was revealed by Clayton County Lieutenant Chris Windley that some shady business was going on: “Basically we had a complaint of misconduct against Officer Darrell Williams,” Windley told CBS News.

In what could be the fastest termination investigation in recent memory, a woman filed a complaint against Officer Williams on March 20 and three days later he was canned.

“Through the investigation, they thought that he should be terminated,” said Windley who was tight-lipped about the details but confirmed that the firing was due to “inappropriate behavior.”

According to CBS Atlanta: “The woman who filed a complaint against Williams is a prostitute. He reportedly refused to pay her $20 for her services. The two allegedly had sex while Williams was still on duty.”

The Clayton County District Attorney’s office now has the case.

It is not known if the alleged prostitute was arrested for her role in the matter.

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