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5 Jobs That Blacks Ignore

Waking up and living in reality means that every African American cannot play sports, rap or sing. In addition it requires recognizing that this brave new world may be one in which minimal employment opportunities that used to exist will no longer be available with present technological advances the likes of self-service kiosk in fast-food restaurants.

Given this, African American need extensive support for developing and implementing career plans. Many reside in economically depressed inner cities, may lack academic skills and career-related experiences, and perceive narrow career opportunities for themselves. Specifically in relationship to the growing unemployment rates for African American Americans, focusing on career education that will enable both economic self-sufficiency and personal fulfillment need to deal with moving beyond the traditional models of career development, specifically math and science based technology fields.

The lack of African American representation reflects the problem — we are not participants in the world of technology or in the fields of science and math that will allow us to occupy such positions and instead consumers of technology rather than being producers of it. Outside of becoming doctors, lawyers and nurses (which all are well paying jobs), these are several to seriously consider.

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