McDonald’s Mega Millions Winner Says She Can’t Find Her $105 Million Ticket

McDonald's Mega Millions Winner Says She Can't Find Her $105 Million Ticket

The McDonald’s worker who claimed she won $105 million in last week’s Mega Millions jackpot, now says she’s lost the wining ticket. Mirlande Wilson, a 37-year-old mother of seven, told the New York Post that she has no idea where she put the ticket that could earn her $5.5 million a year for 26 years.

“I have no idea where it is. I’m not sure I have it. I’m still looking for it. I haven’t even looked in my uniform pants yet. I’m still looking everywhere to find it, in my purse, everywhere,” she said.

As previously reported Wilson was part of a pool with her co-workers at a Maryland McDonald’s but claims that she bought a separate ticket that was one of three to hit the $656 million jackpot.

Now, however, the ticket seems to have disappeared into thin air and she reportedly won’t even let all seven of her children search for it.

“I wanted to look for it, I was crying. She wouldn’t let us. It’s a lot of money,” her 15-year-old daughter told the Post.

Since Wilson’s claim that she won the lotto, she’s changed her story several times. She initially reported that she had the ticket in a safe place at an undisclosed location before later saying that she’d hidden it at the fast-food restaurant. On Thursday, April 5, she admitted to not having it but put the situation in God’s hands.

“It’s a blessing from God. If it’s meant to be, we’ll [find and] claim the ticket,” she said.

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