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  • Eervin44

    I’m sadden to hear this; What a beautiful family; and I really like there Reality Show a few years back; I remember Pilar asking Deion to help her make the bed up and his told her (No) that’s your job, Wow! I said to myself he’s a mess….I hate to see the kids in the middle of what’s going on here and my prayer goes out to them; I’m not on either side who knows Deion could be at “FAULT” just want to get out of the Marriage, I notice a lot is being DUMP on Pilar making her out to be the Bad Guy, And at the end we all may be Suprise of the out come…I just hope Deion don’t turn the kids against there mom, Kids need both parents…I wish them the Best…

  • Ericawaller10

    Pleasee consider rewriting your lead on this article. There is nothing comedic about domestic violence or a family falling apart while the children watch. smh

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