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Rihanna’s Dad Worried She’ll End Up Like Whitney Houston

Rihanna is pop’s biggest bad girl, igniting firestorms of news coverage with her risqué love life and even smoking weed in front of the paparazzi. And while the image may seem intoxicating to some, to her father, Ronald Fenty, it’s just terrifying.

Though Fenty hasn’t been the kindest dad when it comes to his daughter, he recently spoke with the U.K.’s The Sun about Rihanna’s bad girl behavior and explained that his daughter will end up suffering the same fate as recently deceased pop icon Whitney Houston.

“Rihanna was obsessed with everything about Whitney… I pray she doesn’t end up like her,” said Fenty.

Fenty’s words come on the heels of recent photos of Rihanna at Coachella show her smoking weed and chopping up what it appears to be a suspicious white substance atop her bodyguard’s head.

MTV tweeted a link to a story concerning the photos and the fiery singer tweeted back to the them, “Yikes. . . I ran out of f—s to give.”

Once controversy erupted about the photos, Rihanna tweeted about the incident, “I’m crazy and I don’t pretend to be anything else.”

“Ask God 2 show u what U need 2 change. Accept others 4 who they r and see how God works in u to complete your joy,” she went on to say. “Our happiness is not dependent on whether or not other ppl do what we want them to do.”

The Sun bolstered the elder Fenty’s claims by showing photos of Rihanna and Houston in similar dresses and circumstances. The publication also pointed out how both troubled stars have suffered from rampant drug addiction rumors, abusive relationships with R&B bad boys and defiant attitude toward being a role model.

Rihanna has also admitted that she would love to play Houston in a biopic about the late singer.

Fenty claimed that he would love to see his daughter play the role, but admitted that he hopes Rihanna doesn’t follow down the same destructive path as her idol.

“I hope she will be smart enough not to go down that path. I think she is smart enough not to,” said Fenty.

Hopefully, Rihanna and every other young artist like her will learn from the tragic mistakes of their idols and avoid the pitfalls of the superstar lifestyle. If so, we can honor them while they’re still here and not — sadly— when they’re in the ground.

Let us know what you think of Rihanna’s bad girl behavior below and be sure to check out some of her most risqué drug photos in the gallery.

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