David Oyelowo Talks About New Movie, ’96 Minutes’

David Oyelowo Talks About New Movie, '96 Minutes'

David Oyelowo’s new film, 96 Minutes, is a captivating story of four kids involved in a horrific carjacking. The story builds to a blood-curdling climax as it seesaws between the car-jacking and the beginning of that day, using flashbacks to tell each kid’s story. This alluring account deals with issues of race, class, friendship and our connections to our past. The saying “time is of the essence,” never rang more true, and these 96 minutes will change each one of these kids’ lives forever.

Duane is a parental figure who’s had a bit of a criminal past, but has now made the decision to reform his life. He takes on the responsibility of being the older, wiser voice of reason for the four kids.

Oyelowo, who plays Duane, has been hard at work releasing his second film of the year. Earlier this year, the British native starred alongside Cuba Gooding Jr. and Terrence Howard in the critically acclaimed movie Red Tails.

Oyelowo told rolling out: “It’s rare I see the type of teenagers I recognize,” discussing why he agreed to take on the role of Duane.  ”He’s someone that defies expectation[s]. He looks and speaks a certain way, but is really the opposite, and that’s why I signed on to this movie. I’m always looking for characters that would challenge your expectation.” Oyelowo also says he can relate to the socioeconomic issues that play out in the film. “I am a father of four. One thing that occupies your mind is, are your kids going to be all right.”

The actor-director has two films set to be released later this year, Middle of Nowhere and One Shot, starring Tom Cruise

96 Minutes in in theaters now.

Check out the trailer below.http://youtu.be/n_30uPMyUwU

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