Dead Musicians Fans Most Want to See as Holograms

In less than two weeks, Coachella has already become a permanent part of the American lexicon, much the way Woodstock did back in 1969, thanks to a brilliant idea unearthed by legendary rapper-producer Dr. Dre. With so much going down during the Coachella Music Festival, the only thing anyone can remember — far and away above anything else — is the holographic image of the deceased rapper Tupac Shakur “performing” live on stage with headliners Snoop Dogg and Dre.

What is clearly indisputable is that 2Pac’s “performance” had an enormous emotional impact on the fans in the audience and those watching the show streaming on YouTube. It has quickly become a pop culture reference that has awed and chilled all who have witnessed this unprecedented phenomenon. As a result, Chili and T-Boz, two-thirds of the record-breaking female rap group TLC, want to replicate the technological marvel and have a holographic image of late bandmate Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes when they embark on their 20th reunion tour.

Fans were asked by the media to list the deceased performers they would most want to see “live” via a hologram. This  is who they want to see most (and, ironically, one of the performers at Woodstock is high up on this list). Interestingly enough, the King of Pop is not on this list, perhaps because he passed away so soon (nearing three years) and the proliferation of his greatest performances, videos and songs are at the ready via YouTube. 

Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

A military veteran and Buckeye State native, I've written for the likes of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Atlanta Business Chronicle and the Detroit Free Press. I'm a lover of words, photography, books, travel, animals and The Ohio State Buckeyes. #GoBucks

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