It didn’t stop there. Braxton’s sister, Towanda, decided to jump in the mix and spread the drama further:

Scott, surprised by how the Braxton sisters felt slight because she was promoting Mary Mary instead of them or for not including them, effectively ended the conversation by declaring the following:

No response back yet from the Braxton camp.


Terry Shropshire

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  • Renee G

    Jill won that. 

    no one said they weren’t a good representation (i wouldn’t now, never saw the show)… Mary Mary just comes from a different background so we are to assume only the best from these young women and their show.

    If the Braxtons are really the “” then they wouldn’t even have to jump on a tweet that provided the tiniest amount of shade if any…

    if people were more focused on the betterment of their lives, they wouldn’t feel compelled to attack everyone who doesn’t sing their praises.

    ..especially via twitter.

  • Tayon

    Jill won what?
    Jill tried to be slick and throw shade. “FINALLY a REAL REPRESENTATION” I think Tamar had a right to question her. Braxton Family Values… Also on the WE network are on their third season. Mary Mary are on their first. And for Miss “Jill” to even tweet FINALLY a real representation, was absolutely disrespectful! By saying FINALLY she is stating that no other show has yet to do so. Which is throwing shade at Braxton Family Values, but either way they are WE number one show on their network, and I’m sure they will remain there. And for everyone jumping on Tamar, she asked a representation of what? Since Miss Jill didn’t complete her statement… So how was that attacking her.

  • Jcsqueeze

    What happened to having an opinion?  I see nothing wrong with Jill’s initial tweet, Towanda & Tamar need to have several seats, like they are so quick to tell others.  #getyolife

  • Pamelascottmusic

    Maybe Jill and the Mary Marys are friends and she is supporting them. Tamar and Towanda jumped to conclusions. Besides there are other shows on tv that misrepresent black women. Tamar and Towanda allowed twitter to make an ass of them and for that need to have a seat. _/