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Jennifer Lopez Thought Her Twins Didn’t Love Her: 5 Celebs With Baby Blues

With Mother’s Day drawing near, many celebrity moms having been sharing heartfelt stories and plan’s for the much celebrated day. But Jennifer Lopez recently shared a darker story about becoming a mother, revealing that she suffered from a serious case of postpartum paranoia.

Lopez revealed her troubling “baby blues” in the June issue of Redbook, explaining that she felt depressed after giving birth to her twins, Max and Emme, now 4.

“I remember after the babies were born, about seven to 10 days in, I was like, ‘What is going on with me?’” Lopez confessed. “I felt sad and depressed and thought the babies didn’t love me.”

Lopez claims that she realized she had postpartum paranoia or “baby blues” after reading a book on parenting.

“I actually remember picking up the book [What to Expect When You’re Expecting] to try to see what was happening to me,” she continued, “and it said how you have this huge hormonal drop about seven to 10 days after you give birth. It’s called the ‘baby blues.’ But I just thought they didn’t like me!”

Lopez’s story is moving, but she’s not the only superstar mom to suffer emotional distress after giving birth. Check out some other celeb moms who suffered from forms of baby blues below. – nicholas robinson


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