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Mother’s Day Tip: 5 Ways to Avoid a Nasty Nail Tech

Mothers everywhere tend to flock to the nail salon as a part of their grooming ritual for the Mother’s Day celebrations that await them.

Mothers, here’s a tip: If you visit a nail salon for a French manicure, make certain you don’t walk out with nail fungus or blood-borne illness as a bonus.

Last year, Atlanta resident Renata Brown made headlines when she reported that she suffered an infection when she got her nails done. Brown said that after a nail tech accidentally penetrated her nail bed with a drill, she needed gauze, sterile pads and antibiotics to recover.

In 1998, Kristina Preston, 29, visited Top Nails Salon in Colorado for her first manicure. As she left the salon, “My cuticles on my thumbs were burning and wouldn’t stop,” she told a jury.

Days passed and Preston’s fingers became swollen with blisters. The diagnosis? Herpes and bacterial infections. Preston sued and the jury awarded her $3.1 million for her suffering.

The nasty nail tech may have a clean looking salon, but if he or she has been cutting corners, you can pay with your health.

Here are five ways to avoid a nasty nail tech.

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