Chris Brown Remixes Kanye’s ‘Theraflu,’ Disses Rihanna?

Chris Brown Remixes Kanye's 'Theraflu,' Disses Rihanna?

Although there’s been speculation that Chris Brown and his famous ex-girlfriend Rihanna were reuniting, a new track from Brown has some people thinking otherwise. Brown, 23, released his take on a Kanye West track late Wednesday, May 9, that the rapper previously declared his love for Kim Kardashian. On Brown’s”Theraflu,” the singer raps about the music industry and “rappers wasting beats” before pausing to seemingly take a shot at his old flame. “Don’t f— with my old b—– it’s like a bad fur,” he said. ” Every industry n—- done had her. Trick or treat like a pumpkin just to smash her, B—— breaking codes, but I’m the password.”

Coincidentally around the same time Brown released the track via Twitter, his pop-star ex had this to say on the social networking site.

Chris Brown Remixes Kanye's 'Theraflu,' Disses Rihanna?

This isn’t the first time Brown has subliminally dissed the pop singer, in 2009 he released the track “Famous Girl” hinting at his exes transgressions with everyone from Kid Cudi, to Kanye and rapper T.I.

“Ye woulda said you’re so amazing, so how could yoo be so heartless girl. Live your life, Take T.I.-m-e day and night just like Kid Cudi. You’ll think of me you will. Drake would say that you’re the best he ever had. Rumors come and go, but you keep your shadow.”

Is Chris Brown dissing Rihanna again?

Listen to “Theraflu” for yourself below.

-danielle canada

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