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Pastor Troy ‘We Was Homeboyz’ Movie Premiere

He made his dreams come true in music and now he’s moving on to movies. The screening for Pastor Troy’s We Was Homeboys was held at the Rialto Theatre and after much anticipation for the film it’s safe to say he delivered. Living up to his known style for flare, Pastor Troy arrived in a white general’s suit complete with a sword and an entourage decked out in black tailored suits to match. Hoping to share his story with the world, the movie takes a look at the life of Ice, and his homeboyz Nature and Drew. They grew up hustled together in the rough streets of Atlanta, but the death of Drew has the whole city puzzled. Dynesha is Ice’s praying girlfriend. They have dreams of getting out of the streets, but they soon learn that it’s hard to turn back, once you have gone so far. –charlotte haywood