Secrets of Cheating Wives and Girlfriends: Detectives Reveal 5 Red Flags

2. A change of schedule is a tell-tale sign of bad behavior.

For example, Felecia* was working out, but not losing weight. Felecia tells rolling out that she was this/close to getting busted with her lover, a guy she met at the gym. “I just had our son, and the weight didn’t fall off with breastfeeding, like it did with my daughter,” Felecia says. “So [my husband] dogged me out, and begged me to go to the gym. Finally, I did, and I met someone else. He told me I was beautiful, and that [my husband] shouldn’t have let me out the house.”

Felecia kept her “training” schedule: After work she would meet her lover at the gym. It was important to leave the car at the gym, as if she were inside working out.  Felecia parked her car, jump into her lover’s car, and would travel to his abode. One day, Felecia arrived at the gym as usual and as she and her lover were exiting the parking lot, she saw her husband on his way into the parking lot. “My husband thought it was a good idea to congratulate me on working so hard to regain my shape,” she says. “That was a very close call.”

Update: Guess who’s pregnant again? That’s right, Felecia. “It’s my husband’s baby; I always used condoms with [my lover.]”

Zondra Hughes

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out

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