The Making of a Mother

Whenever I see young people truant, skipping school and heading down the wrong path, I stop them. I have called parents on the spot. I’ve convinced others to go back to school. I always look them in the eye and speak from the love and concern I have for them in my heart. That’s why I don’t get cussed out . Or given the wrong phone number.

I have approached moms cursing out their kids. I go privately and speak calmly with mom about how much she must be going through and how much I respect who she is. I explain that I can see and feel stress radiating from her. Sadly, when we are like this our children can feel it, they can sense it, and they hurt and become scared for us. Ninety-nine percent of the time, me and mom will talk it out.

It doesn’t always go well, but the majority understand I’m not trying to be the mommy police. I speak out because I’ve been there. And kind words, thoughtful conversations, went a long way.

My own mother is quite the revolutionary. She took in over three hundred foster children before starting her own business. She is still successfully navigating four streams of income. Her determination, faith and resourcefulness is a hard act to follow, especially since she doesn’t stop to give a speech when she’s about to make a decision- she’ll just do it!

My own children challenge me to look at the long term, remember that they are not passive bystanders in my life. They have complex emotions and their own aspirations and fears. Getting to know them is a way of reconnecting with life, a life that will go on long after me.

My mother’s example is a legacy I will gladly pass on; with love it was made and with love it will continue. I hope that each of us considers our mothers’ legacy, and pay tribute to whatever she has gifted into our lives.

And moms- this Mother’s Day- enjoy the pampering, and remember how wonderful it is to give life.  -pristine parr

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