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Could a Brother Steal Your Man? Experts Reveal 5 Signs That He’s Bi-Curious

Until recently, John Travolta was viewed as the Hollywood  heterosexual alpha male. He’s an A-list leading man on screen and a husband and father in real life. And now the scandal blogs and mainstream news are sopping wet with bathhouse gossip about the dimpled-face Scientologist who allegedly rubbed at least one male masseuse the wrong way. No one knows the truth in the Travolta debacle, but the damage is done in the eyes of Hollywood wives, especially Kelly Preston, aka Mrs. John Travolta.

How would a wife know if her husband is bi-curious? Here, then, are some tell-tale clues that your guy may be bi-curious — not bi-sexual or gay — just curious about the idea.

Caution:  You know your mate better than anyone, so don’t make accusations without the proof to back it up.

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