Celebrities Aging Badly: Same Age, Different Faces

Celebrities Aging Badly, Same Age, Different Faces. Carmen Diaz and Sofia Vergara were both born in 1972.


Deputy Editor, Rolling Out

  • Keepguessing

    Really??? Ever heard the saying “don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house”?  What is your age so we may determine if you are aging badly?

  • [email protected]

    Stupid. most of these people are different races and you even compared different sexes…of course they’re going to age differently.

  • Tattiana

    So I see. is there a theme here? Are you saying Black people look younger. Duh they have oily skin doesn’t mean they look better. Zoe saldana is fug big ass nose and lips. Who wats that? No Gracias, paso.

  • Tatiana

    Th is a reverse racist blog Black to the core how bout obama-NOT AGING WELL! and fat sow Oprah? NOT AGING WELL- FUG! So stop trying to assert anythig dumbasses it doesn’t work in the end you ae still ugly even with your oily skin.

  • AnnGepp

    It’s hard to compare people for so many reasons: First, some people are outdoorsy (Cameron), and will look older just due to sun exposure. Second, face shape plays a role in that wider, rounder faces tend to age worse compared to slimmer faces. Thirdly, a hard-partying, drug-using lifestyle will definitely age a person, And finally, genetics plays a role–some people are just blessed.