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LaTocha Scott Discusses New Single and Life After Xscape


LaTocha Scott Discusses New Single 'Bad Timing' and Life After Xscape

LaTocha Scott

LaTocha Scott made a name for herself as one of the lead singers in the ’90s girl group Xscape. However, after the group disbanded in 2005, LaTocha Scott decided to spend time with family and travel.

LaTocha Scott is putting herself back into the music mix with the release of her first single, “Bad Timing.”

Scott spoke with rolling out about life after Xscape, her new mixtape Truth in the Booth and learning from her first experience in the music business.

You’re deciding to put yourself back into the mix years after your work with Xscape. What was life like for you during your absence? 

Actually, I did some soul searching.  I spent time trying to find life outside of the group. I also wrote about my experiences and it eventually became a book that will come out soon. I just released a single called “Bad Timing” which is the first single off of my upcoming album. I also got a mixtape coming called Truth in the Booth with 10 free songs.

When you were with Xscape, you guys were very young. What would you tell yourself now that you didn’t know back then?

Yes.  We were all teenagers.  I would definitely tell myself to work hard, to believe in myself, make sure that I stay spiritually grounded and be very careful of the pitfalls that are set out for myself. The misconception about the music business is that you come out here, you do one album and you become rich over night. And that is so far from the truth. You have so much work to do. You’ve got so many things that take place as far as business. And if you’re not aware of the business part of things, you can kind of get sidetracked. … Because we stayed focused and stayed on our path, that’s why we were able to be successful.

How different is your approach now that you are a solo act? 

The approach that was different for me, is that I signed myself to myself.  I took those words from Ludacris. I went out and I got producers that were very hungry and I let them do their thing so that they can make their mark. So I have new producers and writers on this album. This time, I came into it with a business mind-set. I didn’t do that when I was younger. We were in a situation where Jermaine had his own label, he came in and told us what to do.  A lot of times, we were trying to come up with our own lyrics and it was sometimes back and forth. But this time around, it’s basically vision and it feels so good.

Listen to LaTocha Scott’s new single: “Bad Timing”