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Tyson Beckford Says His Sex Tape ‘Sucks,’ Other Snooze-Worthy Sex Tapes

Tyson Beckford

Tyson Beckford

Although the public usually pants at the thought of an upcoming celebrity sex tape, supermodel Tyson Beckford is assuring fans eager to ogle at his full frontal that they might want to get their kicks elsewhere. “My sextape sucks,” the model said Monday when accosted by TMZ cameras outside of Los Angeles. According to the gossip site, a 45-minute tape of the 41-year-old model is being shopped around that shows Tyson Beckford pleasuring himself during a recent video chat with a female model.”Not much of a sex tape, lol,” he later griped on Twitter.

Although Tyson Beckford’s ‘late night debut’ is reportedly lackluster, fans still might find it interesting. Included in the footage is a rant from the model complaining about being mistaken for Tyrese Gibson. The singer turned actor obviously heard about Tyson’s identity crisis and joked with him online about having a similar situation but with much more positive results. “I’ve pulled a few of your fans who thought I was YOU!!!, said Gibson. “They were too bad to let them go!! Lol,” he added.

The”boring” footage of Tyson Beckford has yet to surface.

The model’s scantily clad solo sex isn’t the first time a celeb’s made a yawn-worthy video. Check out a few more snooze worthy sex tapes below.

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