Usher Reportedly Slept With Tameka Foster’s Bridesmaids; Other Celebrity Cheaters


Usher Cheated On Tameka With Her Bridesmaids?

While Usher and his wife, Tameka, looked like the picture perfect couple in their 2007 wedding photos, new allegations suggest that a sex scandal was brewing between them. According to HipHopEnquirer who had a rep sit in on the Usher vs. Tameka divorce proceedings, a marriage therapist alleged that the singer slept with not one, but two of Foster’s bridesmaids. “One of the things that stood out in his [the marriage therapist’s] testimony was the fact that Tameka told him that Usher had slept with two of her bridesmaids,” the website reported. “His revelation apparently didn’t go well with Usher as he stormed out the courtroom during a recess mumbling the words, “Now I am sleeping with her bridesmaids?!”

During their nuptials, Foster was pictured with five women dressed in white by her side. If the therapist’s report rings true, that means that two of the women pictured are not only terrible friends but no doubt added to the tension that caused the couple to split in 2009.

Usher Reportedly Slept With Tameka Foster's Bridesmaids; Other Celebrity Cheaters

This is not the first time the R&B crooner has been accused of being a cheater. In 2004 his ex-girlfriend, Chilli, blasted him on a radio show for his cheating ways. “He [Usher] portrayed himself to be this honest and great guy, and he really wasn’t,” said Chilli. “He is so not-cute to me. I don’t ever want to see him again.”

In addition to the bridesmaids scandal, Tameka also accused Usher of cheating with his current girlfriend and cited their affair as another factor for their divorce.

While Usher is surely one of the most memorable, he’s not the first celebrity to be hit with an infidelity scandal, check out other celebrity cheaters below. –danielle canada

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