Tia Mowry Explains Her Departure From BET’s ‘The Game’


Mowry Explains ‘The Game’ Departure

After making a successful return to television, what would make actress Tia Mowry leave her hit show? That’s the question that was asked of the actress on a popular radio show today. Sway of “Sway in the Morning” sat down with Mowry on  Thursday and asked her the looming question about her departure from BET’s “The Game.” Additionally, she was asked to discuss Pooch Hall, who’s made the decision to leave as well. “When Pooch feels comfortable enough to talk about it, I’m sure he will but I can just talk about myself,” said Mowry. “Right now I can tell you it was definitely a mutual decision.”

When asked if she was sad about leaving, the mother to baby Cree and wife of Cory Hardrict added, “You know what, it’s all good. It really is. I’ve been on the show five years. I had a great time on the show. I’m very happy with what I did.”

Confessing that she at times got caught up in her character in the program, Mowry then shut down further questions and tried to turn the convo back to her reality show and book. “I love Melanie so much that sometimes I forgot to shut her off. There [are] no hard feelings [but] I’m here to talk about my book and Tia & Tamera,” said the star.

Mowry’s and Hall’s decision to leave the program came as a shock to many fans of the BET series. For those who paid attention to the pair’s previous interviews however, this week’s recent blow should have been significantly softened. As pointed out by NecoleBitchie.com, Hall made an appearance on “Sway in the Morning” in April and was seen laughing after Mowry called in and expressed doubts about her return. “Um yeah, I hope I’m coming back,” said the grim “Game” star. Hall then added, “Tia is not going anywhere, Tia is the show, man. As far as working out that stuff, [contracts] take time. It’s not like add water and you got pancakes. You gotta put eggs and milk and stir it up and put it in the bowl.”
BET has since released a statement on Hall’s departure from the program citing his “involvement on a new project.” Hall recently landed the Showtime pilot “Ray Donovan” but producers hope he and Mowry will be available for cameo appearances.

 Check out Pooch Hall talking “The Game” with Tia Mowry below. –danielle canada

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