Celebrities Sued for Spreading Herpes

An A-list Hollywood star has settled a lawsuit claiming that he knowingly spread herpes for $5 million bucks, the media reports. We wish celebrities being sued for spreading herpes and other STDs happened infrequently, but it doesn’t. Far from it.

As you may recall, the unidentified plaintiff sued an “A-list celebrity” in May last year after reporting that he or she had a sexual encounter with the celeb in Las Vegas and later found out they’d contracted herpes. The plaintiff claimed the A-list actor told him or her that he was disease free, even though the actor knew that was a lie. The plaintiff also claimed the herpes exchange took place on April 1, a very busy weekend for celebs in Las Vegas. According to reports, this celebrity is worth in excess of  $100 million bucks. So this is a celeb with considerable star power and unblemished image.

Oh, how we wish we know who this scumbag is.

We’ll probably never learn the identity of the international star unless someone gets their sticky fingers on that coveted videotape that the anonymous fan took of their sexual encounter. That’s definitely why the settlement took place and quickly. But, if that videotape happens to slip through some fingers and land in the right hands, it would be all over for Mr. A-list. We also wish that sordid, tragic cases such as these would serve as a deterrent against hot-tailed groupies and flunkies from having unprotected sex with the rich and famous.

Here is a list of the other celebrities sued for spreading herpes to unsuspecting fans and lovers.

terry shropshire

Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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