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Jill Scott Performs on VH1 Storytellers

Jill Scott

Jill Scott on VH1 Storytellers

Fans of Jill Scott were elated last night to see their ‘Jilly From Philly’ on VH1’s Storytellers. Taking over the 11 p.m. time slot on the channel, Jill performed for a packed house at New York’s Hammerstein ballroom in the May 8 taped program. Donning a series of different outfits portraying different characters, Scott started off as the self described ‘ghetto girl’ with red hair and ripped jeans. The talented songstress opened the set in character and gave a quick narrative before breaking into her hit “Getting In The Way.” “It’s a lie, but it don’t even matter cause he supposed to be my man, ” said Jill Scott in a thick Philly accent. “He was born to be my man. That’s just the way it’s gon’ be.”

Check out a video of Scott performing “Getting In The Way” and photos of Scott’s performances in the gallery below. No word on when Jill Scott’s ‘Vh1 Storytellers will re-air. -danielle canada