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Trina Sims, Owner of Weddings and Events by Trina

Trina Sims, Owner, Weddings by Trina of Chicago.

Trina Sims, Owner, Weddings by Trina of Chicago.

Trina Sims is a powerhouse of perfection and professionalism.

With a home-based wedding and event planning business, she knows firsthand about the importance of deadlines, teamwork, and passion.

Trina’s attention to detail, her ability to deal with high stress situations, and creativity that clearly comes from God is what sets her apart from the rest.

Whether she is being a mom and a wife, or running a phenomenal event planning business, this creative monster makes entrepreneurship look effortless, and is proof that family owned and operated businesses can thrive in these economic times.

We met with Sims at her lavish home office to get the scoop on the ins and outs of running a wedding event company with her husband.

Zaquita Tolbert

Trina Sims, Owner, Weddings by Trina of Chicago.


How do you make key business decisions?

“We discuss them over breakfast; my husband is such a back end person, so sometimes I need to create diagrams for him to get a clear understanding.  “He [Fred Sims Jr.] is excellent on the business side of things in terms of packages and the worth of our company. However, I make all of the decisions regarding designs, décor, and layouts.”

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