The Power of the Hip-Hop Vote: Do Jay-Z and Lil Wayne Know What’s at Stake?

Jay-Z supports get out the voteThe hip-hop generation can ill-afford any delay in making political impact in a new and significant way. Jay-Z spitting rhymes at such a pivotal time, as the future of a generation, is what’s at stake throughout the nation. So vote.

For the rappers and artists of today, consider the value and power inherent in making a 12-play. That will ease the pain of young people and alleviate the misery, of a life absent of hope for an upward trajectory. Allow them to acquire knowledge and live by a set of expectations, that eradicates consternation and moves them toward greatness and away from stagnation.

Give your fans something that you spit so strong, that an intelligent man like Lil Wayne will say it is to the people that the future belongs. Encourage them to vote. In the upcoming presidential election, it is imperative that we register 10 million new voters of African American, Hispanic and similar complexion. This hip-hop generation cannot wait for the blue and red states to cast their vote and decide their fate. Instead use your time this summer to build a base, and help Obama win the presidential race. Vote. This fast approaching leisurely season, is a prime opportunity to express and establish cultural unity. Vote. Chris Brown and Drake should take this time to hone their creativity, by emitting on the airwaves songs of action and more positivity. They should come together on one accord to  sing a new note, and that note should be repeated as “Vote, Vote, Vote.”   Vote and get rewarded with play, vote and pop a beer at the end of your day, vote to celebrate that you’ve registered and you want to be heard, vote and get on the list for VIPs and the most preferred. For young promoters who have parties too, it;s time for you to engage and now pay what’s due. Have Rick Ross perform on stage and give those who have their voter registration cards, a pass for that day. Get your VIP pass and pop bottles that day, to celebrate your stepping up in such an important and special way. Vote, vote, vote, for all of you hip-hop generations regret if the Republicans get back in charge, we will all be singing a new tune. The notion of remaining complacent is obsolete and unwise, for if we do it could be our demise. If you don’t believe what I say just look into these young people’s eyes. We must not allow the hope that the Obama administration has given us die. We need Nicki to do her thing and shake her assets, flash her bling and do her part to keep this man and his family first and foremost in our hearts. Nicki we need you to drop a special beat, that you’ve rapped on and it needs to be very hot you see. One that encourages young people to follow your example, like the charities you give to and the great music you sample. And Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber aren’t exempt, put your best foot forward and give it your most earnest attempt. Don’t just hang with us and say we’re friends, we need you to convert, those young white brothers and sisters and convince them that if we lose they too will feel the hurt. And for all of the others, yes, even R. kelly too, we need you all to sing warm loving songs and get in this album so we all know what to do. Make special plays to get inside their heads with great songs that move us along and keep our world from tuning to shreds.  The people of Chicago and L.A. and Philly too, will be voting and marching as they dance in the streets to the music you play. Don’t let a state as important as Pennsylvania just go, when brothers can take to the mic and get those voters in on the flow. Encourage all around you to stand up again and elect this one great and fabulous leader, this president, this man. Don’t be turned off because life hasn’t turned out exactly as you planned you see, know that you can be an example of greatness for your peers and me. Know that the education that you are getting will help your dreams come true. And for all of you  beatmakers and producers who get your names announced at clubs and on radio too, you and every DJ should be figuring out how to get out the vote too. We’ve heard the songs and maybe you need to look at the video again, of how and others came together and helped elect this great man. Take somebody who has just turned 18, help them to register to vote and work the political machine.  Don’t let birthdays and graduations pass without saying get registered — or at least ask. And finally to all the preachers in their respective pulpits on Sunday, make a statement of support before you and the congregation pray. Let’s re-elect President Obama, and give the hip-hop generation the promise of  tomorrow.  Peace.   Munson Steed

Munson Steed
Munson Steed

Founder and publisher of rolling out's parent company Steed Media Group.

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