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Deitrick Haddon Presents Voice of Unity’s ‘A Beautiful Soul’ Movie Sound Track

A Beautiful Soul by Deitrick Haddon’s Voice of Unity is contemporary gospel at its best. It’s full of rhythm that makes your head bop and your body move from side-to-side. Surely you’ve weathered many storms and gone blindly through peaks and valleys so just prepare for battle as track 3,”Marching Orders,” commands “left-left, left-right-left.” While you’re moving in a military cadence, by track four, the roof-raising lyrics have you literally ready to “Go To Church” to give God your highest praise. Life presents many challenges and adversities, but track eight, “The More I Praise,” helps one to realize walls do come tumbling down. We must surrender and shout, “Yes!” It’s true; the lyrics echo the more I praise Him — the better I feel. Every day is a new day. We’re given a second chance today so rewind to track two, “New Life.” It makes your mind believe yesterday is far gone and it’s OK to start fresh and anew. No matter how hard we try to do it alone, track nine, “Running To You,” is sure to remind you that only He can see you through. It’s tempo is upbeat and the hook is catchy, leaving you cheery all day.

Track 11, “Love Did It,” reaffirms His love for us. When the gas hand was past “E,” when you received the regretful pink slip or just when you thought you didn’t have anyone … His love did it. People come and go in our lives. This song encourages us no matter what, God still loves us. Track 12, “Your Love Holds Me Down,” will definitely uplift your spirits and give you comfort.

We have to keep fighting and holding on. You have to find your way back home to the Lord and stay strong. After all is said and done, you’ll know how. Haddon’s Voices of Unity’s A Beautiful Soul has a message for everyone. The CD features musicians from a variety of genres including Faith Evans, Kierra “Kiki” Sheard, Canton Jones and Fonzworth Bentley.  –t.w.