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‘L.A. Hair’ Cast Talks Beginnings, Summer Hair Trends


Kim Kimble, Terry, Angela

Kim Kimble, Terry and Angela of ‘L.A. Hair’ Visit Atlanta 


Kim Kimble, Angela and Terry of WE tv’s “L.A. Hair” took a break from their Hollywood home Thursday to speak on their new reality show detailing the glamorous and not-so-glamorous side of the hairstyling business. At Atlanta’s J. Spot salon, Kimble and her “L.A. Hair” cast mates mingled with Derek J, reality star Danielle Wilks and a bevy of ladies looking to learn tips and tricks from the styling team.

Even with a booming celebrity clientele that includes Brandy, Monica, Mary Mary and Mary J. Blige, Kimble and her stylists remain humble about their beginnings with Kimble attributing it to her family lineage. “I was born into it,” said Kimble. “My mother and my grandmother were hairstylists. I graduated [from] cosmetology school, [and] then I opened my own salon.”

Likewise, Terry praised his mother for pushing him into the business he’s grown to love. “My mama made me go to school. I didn’t wanna do hair,” he said. “I was an artist. She told me how much money I could make so I said, ‘well let me get down to beauty college.’ ”


Kim Kimble, Derek J, Angela, Terry

And while their show features a few heated arguments, the L.A. stylists contend that their disagreements never become physical, unlike the norm seen on several realty show programs.”We would never take it that far,” said Angela. “We have misunderstandings that get escalated and then we find a way to resolve it and make up. That’s how family does.”

“Ain’t nobody swinging no blows,” added Terry. ” We have arguments, discussions and disagreements. You get to know that person for who they are and then you move on.”

With more positive programming assured, the cast also gave their predictions for the most popular hairstyles this season, from low maintenance body waves to tresses colored in beautiful bright hues. “Extensions are gonna be hot,” said Kimble. “You’re gonna see a lot of body wave extensions because that’s what my clients call “vacation hair.” Experiment with color, color is going to be hot this summer. People are doing ombré but ombre with color. So red ombré, maybe even some blue ombré,” she added.


Kim Kimble


“L.A. Hair” premieres Thursday, May 31 at 10 EST on WE tv.

For more pictures of the cast at Thursday’s reception, check out the gallery below. –danielle canada


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  2. moms2cool on June 7, 2014 at 4:28 pm

    well another fake show, I am disappointed. Kim and Angela obviously have no issue, so what they portray on the show is so fake. I am tired of being lied to by reality TV