Album Review: Travis Porter’s ‘From Day 1’ the New Playlist Favorite

Album Review: Travis Porter's 'From Day 1' the New Playlist Favorite

From day one, Travis Porter has been making musical strides with their infectious hooks and booty shaking beats, bringing music that was once just meant for the strip club, to the masses. The album, appropriately titled From Day 1, has been well received in the industry.

If you haven’t heard of  Travis Porter, we’re sure you’ve heard their popular radio hits “Make it Rain,”  “Ayye Ladies” and “Bring it Back (Act a Fool).”  Maintaining their pre-release momentum since last summer, Travis Porter has created a brand-new party album that will carry us through the year.

It’s no surprise that the underlying message in most of From Day 1 is to have fun, spend lots of money in the club, make the ladies shake, and get high.  The album has a very sexual overtone, so expect all of their songs to touch on some part of the female anatomy.

Travis Porter brought along fellow rappers 2 Chainz, Tyga, and singer Mike Posner to add a little bit of a different flavor, but the Travis Porter flavor remains at the forefront of the entire album.  It’s very evident that rappers are getting more comfortable with singing their own hooks, however, on a track such as “Party Time,” I think they should have brought our friend Mike Posner back to the booth.

Songs such as “Pop a Rubberband,” “Wobble” and “Ride Like That” feat. Jeremih, definitely catch the ear and make you want to move your feet to the beat.  Using a few popular rhyming schemes among the young rap scene, these songs can be easily programmed for the radio set list and in the strip club.

If you are looking for a Southern-feel in an upbeat album that will make you want to dance, and spend some money, Travis Porter’s From Day 1 is the perfect album to add to your playlist.

Album Review: Travis Porter's 'From Day 1' the New Playlist Favorite

Check out some pictures of Travis Porter From Day 1.  You can buy the full album or your favorite tunes via iTunes.

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