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Issa Rae Shares Details About ‘Awkward Black Girl’ Season 2

Few other shows were more talked about last year than Issa Rae’s runaway Internet hit “The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl.” Now that the show will return for its second season in just a matter of weeks, Issa Rae and few other cast members are sharing details about the upcoming season.

Season two is already poised to be bigger and better now that Pharrell has picked up the show for his premium iamOther YouTube channel, and according to Rae, fans can expect even more deliciously awkward moments than before, especially between new lovebirds J and White Jay.

“You can look forward to some interracial dating awkward moments,” said Rae to S2S. “You can look forward to meeting White Jay’s and Jay’s families. And just the new office politics now that we have a new boss.”

As “ABG” fans know, J found herself in a love triangle and unsure of whether she should date her coworker, Fred, or his friend, White Jay. In the end, J chose White Jay, leaving Fred alone in the friend zone.

“It’ll be interesting to see the dynamic between Fred and J in the office now that Fred’s in the friend zone,” said Madison T. Shockley, who plays Fred. “We’ll see how that works out.”

He added, “I’d like to see Fred have some love interest, connect with somebody. I want to see Fred not lonely.”

And while many fans are still hurt over J’s decision to date White Jay, Shockley said he’s not disappointed in his character getting dismissed.

“I wasn’t disappointed. I think it makes for a really interesting story line going forward,” said Shockley.

Rae reveals that the fans were major factor in deciding who J would choose. But while Rae does appreciate fan reaction, she says that doesn’t make it a habit of letting them drive the show’s story.

But it’s evident that Rae is more than competent at steering the show. In fact, she’s brilliant at it and her creative direction helped the show win a webbie award for Best Web Series.

“It’s pretty amazing, I just never expected that people would treat the series as a movement,” Rae gushed. “I’m just so appreciative for the love and the feedback that the people are behind us and rooting for us. You can’t ask for anything more than that.”

Season two of “Awkward Black Girl” premieres on June 14 and if you’re like us, you’ll be waiting ever so impatiently for the show to kick off.

But until then, check out a few of the best moments from season one below. –nicholas robinson


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